My Typographies

Typography may have entered the stratosphere of a new age, but the internal dynamic that propels it remains the same, a fusion of language and the alphabet.

The typography of OASE

Each issue develops different typography and design. The only constant is the size of the publication.

Belief and Reality

Since my “threadbare” and “reactionary” arguments may interest the readers of this magazine, I would like to present them here, without fear that they may “cause mischief”.

Hierarchy and Form

Find the Wikipedia entry for typography. Copy its HTML and link it to a CSS sheet in which you declare a value for every possible property of every HTML selector. Explore CSS as a means for the articulation of typographic hierarchy and the production of new visual forms.


This very short text is from Recollected Work, a retrospective of projects by the Dutch designers Mevis and van Deursen.

Writing and Printing

The invention of printing is manifested in works in which the new epoch-making process of using movable type does not show to its full advantage.